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Last Update:

Vocal: HIROKI (ヒロキ)
Vocal: YAMATO (ヤマト)
Guitar: NAOTO (ナオト)
Bass: YOH (ヨウ)
Vocal: RYO (リョウ)
Five member rock band with an average age of 22, in which members live in Koza, near the American/Kateno base in Okinawa. Orange Range was formed in March of 2001. Naoto and Yoh, knowing each other since preschool, were the first members. Ryo, the brother of Yoh, joined in. During their indies, they held many street performances and events in their hometown of Okinawa, gradually increasing fans. On June 4th, 2003 they made their major debut 'Kirikirimai'.

The 2nd single 'Shanghai Honey', released on July 16th, 2003, was evaluated well by mass media, and received what is called 'Power Play' in the Q league, held by Kyushu area's radio program. Regardless, this became their biggest hit. The 5th single 'Michishirube -a road home-', released on February 25th, 2004, turned out to rank 1st place in the Oricon chart. Until the release of their 13th single 'Chamipone', released on May 10, 2006, they held the 1st place rank nine times on the Oricon chart. They released 14 singles, 3 albums, 1 remix album, and 3 DVDs within 3 years. The approximate sales went up to 12 million copies, which gave them the nickname 'monster band'. In 2004, they received the 'Artist of the Year' award in '19th Nihon Gold Disc Taisho'. On May 2005, they received 3 awards from 'MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2005', making a clean sweep of the music awards.

A good reputation was made in their lives they had been holding since their indie period. At their Makuhari Messe performance they held on April 1st, 2005, an audience of 20 thousand came. Their nationwide live tour, 'ORANGE RANGE LIVE TOUR 005 -ИATURAL-', held in 9 different locations, with over 15 performances, achieved an audience of up to 150 thousand. The tour in 2006 'ORANGE RANGE LIVE TOUR 006 -FANTAZICAL-' was, with members' strong intention, developed during hall-class. Starting on August 31st from the Kawaguchi Lilia Hall, they ran through the country's hall, 39 stages with 46 performances. About 150 thousand people attended. Live tickets were sold out the day of the release.

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