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大塚 愛 / Ai Otsuka (Vocals)
Born_1982-09-09 From_Osaka
Born September 9th, 1982 in Osaka, Japan, Ai Otsuka began writing songs and lyrics at the age of 15. Sending a self made demo tape to a record company led to her debut single "Sakura no Hanabira" released September 10th, 2003. Her second single release "Sakurambo" led to her overnight success, selling over 600,000 copies. After the release of her third album "Amaembo" on March 3rd 2004, she followed with the release of her first album "LOVE PUNCH" on March 31st of the same year which sold over 700,000 copies.
This was followed by a series of single releases: "Happy Days" was released in July of 2004, followed by the August release of "Kingyo Hanabi." In October, the song that had led to her debut as an artist, "Daisukidayo." was released - each finding their way to the upper levels of the ranking charts. On November 17th, 2004, her second album "LOVE JAM" hit the shelves, which scored the number one spot on the Oricon Weeklyl Album Charts. In 2005, she performed at the summer event series "a-nation," and in the fall did a gakuensai (school festival) tour, which led to her being dubbed the "gakuensai queen."
In spring of 2006, she will go on a Japan-wide concert hall tour, while also planning to increase her general concert schedule.
With a distinct worldly view, cute kansai character, Otsuka Ai is a lovable singer / songwriter.

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