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pillows, the
山中さわお/Yamanaka Sawao (Vo&G)
Birth date: 1968/12/07
Hometown: Hokkaido

真鍋吉明/Manabe Yoshiaki (G)
Birth date: 1962/10/02
Hometown: Hokkaido

佐藤シンイチロウ/Sato Shinichioro (Dr)
Birth date: 1964/08/16
Hometown: Ibaraki

鈴木淳/Suzuki Jun (B) support member
Birth date: 1968/07/18
Hometown: Chiba
Formed on September 16, 1989, the pillows have been developing their career for the last 19 years, bringing a fun sound to listeners through their unique pop sense. Their latest album was their best seller, with the single "Tokyo Bambi" reaching the top ten on the Oricon Charts. Playing a sold-out tour, their final concert of their last tour sold out immediately. Their 19-year evolution is considered to be a miracle of the Japanese rock scene.
They are deeply respected and popular with Japanese musicians, holding a joint concert with popular act Mr. Children in 2006.
They have also gained popularity in the US through the songs which appeared in the GAINAX anime "Furikuri", holding concerts in the United States in the form of a tour spanning five sold-out venues of approximately 1000 people. Since then, they have received countless offers to tour other countries, including Europe and other parts of Asia.

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