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Top Page > artistdb+ > ZZ > biography
Sotaro (Vocals) Born_1976-05-27
Erichi (Keyboards) Born_1976-04-09
Matsuura (Drums) Born_1964-06-01
Kohsuke (Guitar) Born_1976-06-24
Kyama (Bass) Born_1979-09-07
1998.09 ZZ who hails from Fuji City in Shizuoka prefecture was formed starting at the only club in that city, "Animal House"
1999.01 ZZ moved onto Shizuoka City and started performing at a club called SUNASH
2000.01.22ZZ had their first solo live at SUNASH which had a crowd of 150 people
2000.08.281st Mini Album, "Creative Future Crime" is released
2000.09 In Shimokitazawa at Club 251, ZZ has a live with RIZE
2000.11.22Maxi Single,"Put Your Hands" is released
2001.02.28Maxi Single, "BRIGHTEST" is released which got excellent reviews in "Rocking On Japan" magazine (A very famous music magazine in Japan)
2001.04.02Maxi Single, "Himawari" (which means Sunflower) is released which hit #75 on the Yusen charts. When the music video came out, a lot of people wondered who the girl in the video was! Bay FM then picked this single up as one of their Power Play songs.
2001.07.19First full album, "Absolute Beat Complex" is released
2001.10 ZZ becomes the host for a regular program called "Na Na Na Now Young" on Bay FM
2001.11.01New Maxi Single, "Aijo" (which means affection) is released
2002.03.25Kagurazaka Dimension was the their first Tokyo solo live club performance!!
2002.09.23ZZ took part in a music festival in Dairen, China which had 8000 people
2002.11.24ZZ had a solo live the club "DeSeO" in Shibuya, Tokyo. At the Pride Heavyweight Championship at the Tokyo Dome with an an audience of 45,000, ZZ's song "NO WAY OUT" was used as the theme song for the champion, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira!!!!
2002.11.27HiBoom's compilation album, "PrimeTrax vol. 04" was released which feature 2 ZZ songs, "No Satisfaction" and "Rashin" (which means compass)
2002.12.11The indies best album, "HiBoom ZZ" is released
2003.01.16ZZ's last indies Maxi Single, "NO WAY OUT" is released
2003.02.05Played a special in store live at the basement of Tower Records in Shibuya, Tokyo
2003.04.03On Bay FM their regular program "Na Na Na Now Young" started up again
2003.04.16ZZ had their major label debut on avex trax with the Maxi Single, "Rhythmist" The song Rhythmist was used as the opening theme for "CDTV" on TBS TV. On the Yusen Chart the song peaked at #9 on 4/9
2003.08.062nd Maxi Single "Yorokobi no uta" (which means "Song for Joy") was released which was the ending theme song for TBS TV's Shin Unnan No Kibun wa jojo (which is a comedy program)
2003.09.06ZZ's Japan tour started with the first stop in Yokohama City
2003.09.10First major label album debut, "Definitive Energy Flow" is released!
2003.11.05ZZ played the last show of their 25 stop Japan tour at O-WEST in Shibuya, Tokyo
2003.11.123rd Single, "A to Z" is released! This song was used as the ending theme for the anime One Piece!!!!!
2003.11.16ZZ performs at the Okinawa Tower Records re-opening anniversary live
2004.02.082nd Japan tour started in Chiba at the club, "LOOK"
2004.02.11"A to ZZ~Complete Single Collection~" is released! This includes all of the singles and music videos released from their indy days
2004.04.14ZZ's 4th Single,"Nobody Knows" is released
2004.05.28ZZ's Tour 2004 "R-2 Lyric without gimmick" starts which is a 21 stop tour
2004.07.145th Single, "Pride Yourself" is released
2004.07.30ZZ performed in Korea at a big event with w/GumX,Cocobat etc
2004.07.31"smart" magazine hosted an event called "MOOVE!" and ZZ performed w/Nobody Knows, Alpha, Vo Vo Tau, Marugari Mike
2004.08.10ZZ's Tour 2004 "R-3 Lyric without gimmick Part2" starts with 15 tour stops
2004.08.21At the Yato outdoor event called "KISS in the OCEAN", ZZ performed with soulhead, sowelu etc.
2004.11.176th Single, "Just Only One/Samurai Crew" is released. "Just Only One" features DJ KAORI and the "Samurai Crew" music video featured several popular Japanese comedians such as Bito Kyoshi
2005.01.012nd Album, "Generation Hip Innocence" is released
2005.03.10ZZ's "GHI Live Circuit 2005" 27 stop tour starts

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