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Uentsu Eiji (ウエンツ英士)
Birthday: October 8, 1985
Hometown: Tokyo
Blood Type: O

Uentsu Eiji is a child of a German-American father and a Japanese mother. He started his career as a model when he was 4 years old. He debuted as an actor by taking the roll of "Chip" in "Beauty and Beast", produced by Gekidan Shiki.

Koike Teppei (小池徹平)
Birthday: January 5, 1986
Hometown: Osaka
Blood Type: B

After achieving the grand-prix award in "Year 2001 14th Junon Super Boy Contest", he moved to Tokyo in the Spring of 2002. He debuted as actor in July 2002 by CX "Tentai Kansoku", taking part as a regular.
In 2002, WaT was formed by Uentsu Eiji and Koike Teppei. They started holding street performances at Yoyogi Kouen every Sunday since Golden week in 2002. In autumn, they successfully performed at 7 school festivals gaining fans of all ages.
In December 2003, one thousand people came to see their show, confusing the street; which in-turn ended their routine performances.
On February 18, 2004, they succeeded with an indie debut single "Sotsugyo TIME". The indie debut event held at Ikebukuro Sunshine Funsui Hiroba on February 20th, 2004, turned out to hold 5,000 attendees. With an overwriting record; they shook hands with the 5,000 spectators. In May, they held their official live show, "WaT Entertainment Show 2004 Vol.1 ACT".
By November 2nd, 2005, after a heavy scramble over 11 big record companies, they made their major debut from Universal Music with their song "Boku no Kimochi". This tune ranked 2nd place on the Oricon chart. On November 3rd, about twenty-thousand fans came to their major debut event held at Ikebukuro Sunshine Funsui Hiroba, changing the venue in very short notice. They participated in the 56th Kouhaku Uta Gassen held on December 31st.
On January 25th, 2006 they released their second single "5 centi". On March 1st, their first album, "Sotsugyo TIME Bokura no Hajimari," was released. August 2nd, they released their 3rd single, "Hava Rava". In autumn, they were selected as the official supporters of "2006 Volleyball Sekai Senshuken". On November 1st, they released the official theme song, "Ready Go!". On December 6th, they released their 4th single, "Bokura no Love Story". By December 20th, their DVD, "My Favorite Girl the Movie" was released. They appeared in the 57th Kouhaku Uta Gassen for the second time.
In 2007, two of them began their own solo work. On February 14th, Koike Teppei debuted as a solo artist with "Kimi ni Okuru Uta". The CD also included "Lucky de Happy", the insert song of Uentsu Eiji's regular program "Ponkikki". On April 25th, Uentsu Eishi debuted his solo career with "Awaking Emotion 8/5", the main theme from the movie "Gegege no Kitaro". The CD included Koike Teppei's "my brand new day" as a second track. Koike Teppei released his 1st solo album "Piesces" on June 27th.

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