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Gt. Yuu
Gt. Kenichi
Bass. Tetsu
Dr. Nero
Founded in 2001.
Vo.Gara, Gt. Yuu, Gt. Kenichi, Bass. Tetsu, Dr. Nero.

When they began, they left their demo MD, which included 2 songs, in indies music shops throughout Japan, while also performing live shows. While the mystery of 'Merry' spread, they founded their own label in February 2002, and released CDs in rapid sequence.
They kept moving actively, releasing CDs and having lives, and finally made their major debut in September 2005.
In December 2006, after repeated official requests from their European fan base, they performed their first overseas lives in Germany,and France, to passionate European fans.
Their burning stage performance, impressive, pathos evoking melodies and sound, made them the only 'retorock - retro and rock -' band. Even in 2008, we can't look away from Merry.
Their latest album 'M.E.R.R.Y.' released in Nov. 2007 ranked 15 on the Oricon chart. On April 16th, 2008, their 6th single '閉ざされた楽園;tozasareta-rakuen' was released.
They began touring Japan on March 12th, and finished on May 3rd. Their 7th single 'Midnight Shangrila/ 空っぽな歌:karappo-na-uta ~final cut' was released only at the Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium on the final day of the tour.

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