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Last Update:

武瑠 / Takeru
荒木宏文 / Araki Hirohumi
小野健斗 / Ono Kento
桐山漣 / Kiriyama Ren
大河元気 / Okawa Genki
LOVE DIVING's members are: Araki Hirofumi, Takeru, Kiriyama Renn, Ookawa Gennki, and Ono Kento. Hirofumi is a member of D-BOYS, which is a group of talented young male actors who have appeared in a variety of TV programs, movies, and theaters. Takeru is the main vocal of the popular 'visual-kei (Japanese glam rock)' band SuG. Renn, Gennki, and Kento are all rising stars in the movie/theater industry. All these good-looking actors have come together to form a single group!
This ''Ikemen Visual Band (lit. visual-kei band with good-looking members)'' LOVE DIVING was formed for the movie 'ビートロック☆ラブ / BEATROCK☆LOVE', which premiered on March 2009. All members of LOVE DIVING appear in this film, making these five guys a must-see attraction.

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