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Ken Lloyd
Formed in 2002 by singer KEN LLOYD of Oblivion Dust and INORAN, guitarist from the chart-topping rock band LUNA SEA, FAKE? was born with the concept of having no boundaries. Hard Rock, Alternative, Electronic, and Pop elements merge to form a genre-bending sonic experience to which listeners immediately began to take notice. The band's creative approach, in addition to the inimitable presence of lyrics sung solely in English garnered fans of both Japanese and international rock alike. Already recognized from their previously established efforts, FAKE? ambitiously charged head-first in to the Japanese rock scene.

Among a culture unaccustomed to mosh pits and the excitement that comes with a rock and roll show, FAKE? is renowned for their energy-driven, adrenaline-pumping performances. Originally opening for legendary bands such as Guns N' Roses. FAKE? secured the fanbase necessary to embark on countless headline tours, successfully selling out venues including Zepp Tokyo on consecutive nights. FAKE? is also no stranger to the large festivals held in Japan and South Korea, having shared the stage with the likes of The Offspring, Weezer, Placebo, The Black Eyed Peas and Snow Patrol among many others.

FAKE? has an extensive history of album releases, each achieving an evolution in style and approach on a number of major labels in Japan. With the departure of INORAN in 2005, KEN LLOYD jumped full-swing into creative control of FAKE?. The last two albums have seen the band's style further progress into one which can truly be called their own. FAKE?'s trademark is the constant evolution of sound, coherent to growing into a better version of each previous release.

Partnering with US indie label, MusicTaste, "Switching On X" marks the first international release in their seven album history. Recorded in London with producer Youth (Martin Glover), whose credits include Paul McCartney, The Verve, Embrace, The Orb and Killing Joke among many others, the album is mature yet energetic. Driving rock tracks, aggressive beats and experimental studio elements are all complimented by KEN LLOYD's varied vocal approach. While the diversity of sonic elements is celebrated by the band, the connecting thread of the album is found in it's big, accessible choruses.

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