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SPEED is a popular pop/dance group that became an icon of the 1990s. When the four innocent girls made a debut with a single "ボディ&ソウル / Body & Soul" in 1996, nobody expected that they would achieve such a huge success. However, their educational background at Okinawa Actor's School, which has a reputation for nurturing a number of prominent artists; the opportunity to work with a producer Hiromasa Ijichi, and their individual characteristics all fit together perfectly, and help them blossom as a group.

Ijichi created the music that combined elements of R&B, Hip Hop, Funk and Disco in a variety of ingenious ways from energetic dynamism to emotional depth, with realistic messages from a woman's point of view. The strong individuality of Hiroko Shimabukuro's high vocals, Eriko Imai's subdued vocals, Takako Uehara's bright chorus and Hitoe Arakaki's deep chorus make perfect harmony, and their powerful dance only adds to their charm.

With the release of numerous hit songs, including "STEADY", "White Love" and "ALL MY TRUE LOVE", the group became an enormous hit, and the four girls bloomed into women. SPEED was at their peak when they announced in 2000 that they would break up and go their separate ways.

In October 2001, SPEED held a charity show titled "淡路島 夢舞台スーパーフラワーライブ 一夜限りの夢ライブ / Awaji-shima Yume-butai Super Flower Live Ichiya kagiri no Yume Live" for the earthquake victims in Kobe, and released a new single "One More Dream" in December of the same year. In 2003, the group embarked on a project called "Save The Children 一緒に、始めよう。プロジェクト / Save The Children Issho-ni Hajimeyo Project" to help underprivileged children in Asia. Having followed the release of theme song "Be My Love" with a national tour, they summed up the project by releasing a long-awaited new album, "BRIDGE", in which they proved that the power to send messages to the world could be multiplied when four of them sing together.

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