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BIRTHDAY: 03.December

Founded in 2005, moumoon made their debut with an independent limited single "Flowers/pride" on July 26, 2006.

Their first Mini Album "love me?" was released on avex trax on August 22, 2007.
In December of the same year, they released their first single "Do you remember?", which received heavy airplay on 21 radio and satellite stations.

In July 2008, their first single-artist live concert (Harajuku ASTRO HALL) sold out. After this, they appeared actively in various events such as "Hiroshima SETSTOCK'08" and "ZUSHI MARINA LIVE FES 08'". Their concerts in December the same year (Shibuya duo music exchange) and in May 2009 (Akasaka BLITZ) sold out the same day that the tickets were released and both performances were a great success.

On October 3, 2009 (Mid-Autumn full moon), their concert at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall was also enthusiastically received.

In May 2010, their 7th single "Sunshine Girl" was chosen as Shiseido's "ANESSA" commercial song, and reached number 10 in the Oricon Weekly Chart. The single was downloaded over 1.3 million times and ranked number 1 in recochoku's full-version ringtoneR chart in July.
Their mini album "SPARK", released in July the same year, ranked top 7 on the Oricon Weekly Chart, moumoon's highest ranking so far.
In November, they released a triple A-side single including the song "moonlight" which was used as the commercial song for Aeon's Fullmoon Rose. This was also the first commercial that YUKA (vocalist) appeared in.

In March 2011, 2 years after their album debut, they released their 2nd full album "15 Doors" and went on the moumoon "FULLMOON LIVE TOUR 2011~15 Doors~".

In August 2011, their 9th single "Chu Chu" was chosen as the song for Shiseido's MAQUILLAGE ESSENCE GLAMOROUS ROUGE commercial, which features Emi Takei.

In January 2012, "Bon Appetit" was chosen as the song for Asahi Soft Drinks FAUCHON's commercial featuring Mirei Kiritani.
Moreover, "Tomodachi/Koibito" was chosen as the "Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate" song for the commercial starring Masami Nagasawa, Emi Takei and Konomi Watanabe.
In February, their 3rd album "No Night Land" was released and the tour "FULLMOON LIVE TOUR 2012~Nonai-land Tour~" was held in 9 locations nationwide. Their last performance was held in the Tokyo NHK Hall and attracted an audience of over 10,000.
In March, "Love is Everywhere" was chosen as Canon's IXY commercial song for the advert featuring Yuriko Yoshitaka.

Their 4th album "PAIN KILLER" was released in January 2013. Accompanying this album, they started the live tour "FULLMOON LIVE TOUR 2013~PAIN KILLER~" [12 performances in 10 cities around Japan] in February, which was to become their largest scale tour thus far.
The 1st LIVE DVD/Blu-ray of a moumoon live tour was released in August, with a full recording of the "NAKANO SUNPLAZA 2013.04.05" performance.
In September, they held the "FULLMOON LIVE SPECIAL 2013~Harvest Moon~" at Nakano Sunplaza.
What's more, they took part in "Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris", their first live overseas event, and in November they performed in Indonesia's "J-MUISC LAB".

In 2014, they released their 5th album "LOVE before we DIE" on January 29.
Along with this album, they held the nationwide tour "FULLMOON LIVE TOUR 2014 ~LOVE before we DIE~", starting in Hokkaido on March 22 (Sat.).
Including the additional performances, they held 16 performances in 14 cities making it their biggest tour yet.
In May, they released their 15th single "Jewel" (Shiseido's The Collagen Jewel Sparkling commercial song, with YUKA in the commercial).
In June, they released the album "ICE CANDY": moumoon's summer collection of 10 songs including "Jewel" and other new songs, perfect for listening to in summer.
They were at some of the largest festivals of this summer, both in Japan and abroad. In Japan, they performed at "JOIN ALIVE" and "ROCK IN JAPAN FES 2014", and overseas they took part in "Japan Expo", the largest festival of Japanese culture and entertainment in France.
In August, they released their 16th single "I'm Scarlet" (the theme song for the TBS Tuesday Drama "Tokyo Scarlet - Keishicho NS Gakari").
In September, they held their yearly special event "FULLMOON LIVE SPECIAL 2014 ~Harvest Moon~" at Nakano Sun Plaza Hall and following last year's "Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris" in Paris, France, they took part in the 2nd round: "Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei", to be held in Taiwan.
In October, they released the single "BF" (feature song for the Fuji TV Thursday Drama "Dear sister") on iTunes and other online music stores.
From March 2015, They set to go on a live tour called "moumoon FULLMOON LIVE TOUR 2015 SPRING ~OFUTARISAMA~"; as the name of the event suggests, this tour will feature the two members of moumoon exclusively playing different harmonies without the help of other band members.

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